Blue Flame

a taste sensation

We’ve taken 20 years of food hygiene experience and mixed it with the freshest and most authentic ingredients we could find. We understand the importance of a tasty meal, and we don’t believe in compromise.

We’ve created a variety of fusion flavours to wow even the most travelled of customers. Food is something to be enjoyed and celebrated, not endured. You should never settle for anything less than the best.

Why Indulge

In Blue Flame

It would be easy for us to write about our intense staff training or shiny new facilities, but not everybody can produce the quality of food that we do every day.

Great food doesn’t need to be complicated or confusing. That’s why our talented team of chefs craft together all our meals themselves, we don’t believe in outsourcing.

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Our Products

Worldwide Flavours

Sausages BBQ

Spicy, smoky and with memories of open fire barbecues - great in hot dog buns! No abandoned scraps in these beauties; our BBQ sausages are made only with whole muscle chicken, and flavoured with a Wild West Texan recipe. Sweet, hot and dee-licious!
chicken reshmi kebab

Reshmi Kebab

Silky smooth, delicate and fit for a king! The finest quality chicken is patiently ground into a delicate mix of flavours, using fresh herbs and spices. Produced the ‘old’ way, with care and time.

Shammi Kebab

An old favourite, ready at a moment’s notice! More robust than it’s Reshmi sibling, this Kebab is ready to attack hunger at a moment’s notice... flavours are fuller and more grounded.
chicken Zing Hot

Zing Hot

Whole muscle tamacha! Breaded whole muscle, cunningly crafted to evaporate off your plate, leaving behind only the Zing!
chicken zing cool

Zing Cool

Better mannered sibling, and still yummy! A more delicately flavoured, whole muscle morsel of goodness. Zing Cool manages to entice without being fiery... just too cool!
BUrger Patty

Chicken Burger

For those times when only a full bun burger will do! A whole muscle minced patty, delicately coated to enhance the simple flavours in the burger.
kheema paratha


Chicken mince masala cooked and stuffed in one of our plain paratha’s - perfects.

Sausages Smoky

Chicken sausages tasting like they just came out of a charcoal tandoor! Wonderfully smoky and rustic.
fish spring roll

Spring Rolls

Our take on a Far Eastern staple…. With a bit more ‘zing’ to it and a pastry that resists wilting for longer.


Finger food in a small and overstuffed package… chicken mince, spiced and slow cooked.