All Meat with no filters our chicken  Burger Patty  won’t  disappoint  you .

we use onlu minced chicken stuffing that gives an added flavour.

you can have it as it is or make a delicious burger and enjoy it with a cold drink  on the side .

filled with  soya protein, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Breadcrumbs, Ginger, Spices , GreenChilli ,

Lemon Juice , Coriander Leaves,  Flavor  Enhancer will give  you  a flavourful & nutritional

experience. can be eaten  as it is  after being  fried or can be  used to make tasty burger

          Nutrition Facts 

Energy                                  214.2kcal

protien                                    17.9g

fat                                              2.8

sugar                                          1

Carbohydrates                         5

Sodium                                      190mg


Halal Chicken Minced (64%) , Soya protein (10%) ,  Onion (5.64%) , Garlic(3.43%), Refined Oil (3%),  Breadcrumbs(2.22%),  Ginger(1.43%),salt, Refined Flour, Spice , Green Chilli, Lemon juice, coriander leaves , flavor Enhancer(E621).Coating : Breadcrumbs Batter Mix,

                                                         Cooking Instruction

Do not  thaw to fry- Deep Fry frozen Breaded Chicken  Burger ” in hot  oil on  medium heat (180 degree  for  3 – 5 minutes or until Golden Brown . Drain & serve hot.