fish spring rolls

Chicken Spring Rolls

Our Chicken Spring Rolls are light with crisp skin. The filling is also light, full of tender chicken. Our chicken spring Rolls when garnished with chopped spring onions and served hot with red chilli sauce or tomato ketchup are to die for!

chicken reshmi kebab

Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Enjoy a delectable chicken samosa loaded with fresh chicken minced with appropriate spices for a quick, simple, and nutritious weekend brunch dish that may be served with tea or coffee.


Chicken Shammi Kebab

An old favourite, ready at a moment’s notice! More robust than it’s Reshmi sibling, this Kebab is ready to attack hunger at a moment’s notice… flavours are fuller and more grounded.

chicken zing cool

Chicken Zing Cool

Better mannered sibling, and still yummy! A more delicately flavoured, whole muscle morsel of goodness. Zing Cool manages to entice without being fiery… just too cool!

mutton spring roll
Mutton Spring Rolls

Our take on a Far Eastern staple…. With a bit more ‘zing’ to it and a pastry that resists wilting for longer.

chicken Momos

Chicken Samosa

Finger food in a small and overstuffed package… chicken mince, spiced and slow cooked.

Seekh kebab

Chicken Seekh kebab

Our take on a Far Eastern staple…. With a bit more ‘zing’ to it and a pastry that resists wilting for longer

chicken momos

Chicken Momos

Our take on a Far Eastern staple…. With a bit more ‘zing’ to it and a pastry that resists wilting for longer.

kheema paratha

Kheema Paratha

The Mouth-watering frozen Indian bread is prepared with goodness of the original Chicken       Kheema paratha recipe of Northern India.

FISH Spring Roll

Fish Spring Roll

These crispy fish spring rolls are a great meatless dish to enjoy all year round.We Use Manually made thin sheet which make the spring roll crunchier.

mutton kheema paratha

Mutton Kheema Paratha

Mutton Spring Rolls are very authentic in taste. Our  Mutton Spring roll  when  garnished  with chopped  spring onion and served hot  with  chilli sauce .

black pepper sausages

Chicken Black Pepper Sausages

One of the most  popular snacks / meals isout black pepper sausage, which has a particular place in  people’s hearts . These scrumptious sausage delicacies  will make your  gathering  a hit

Chicken BBQ Sausages

Chicken BBQ Sausages

Our BBQ  flavour  sausages  is made to evoke  just the right sort of childhood memories: beach barbecues or forest campfires, football games a or a cosy sunday breakfast

breaded fish finger

Breaded Fish Finger

These Fish Fingers  are created  with delicious minced fish that has been wrapped  in breadcrumbs  and are perfect  for evening snacking. These low -calorie fingers are delicious as well as healthy.

peri peri sausages

Chicken Peri Peri Sausages

One of the most popular  snacks / meals  is our black  pepper sausages, which has a particular place in  people’s heart .


fish fillet

Breaded Fish Fillet

If you’re looking for a seafood snack, go no further. we present  our breaded fish fillet variation , which made  using  Basa fish. This Breaded  fish fillet is rich in flavour and has a crispy  top layer for extra delectability.

chicken zing hot

Chicken Zing Hot

Whole muscle tamacha! Breaded whole muscle, cunningly crafted to evaporate off your plate, leaving behind only the Zing!

BUrger Patty

Breaded Chicken Burger

For those times when only a full bun burger will do! A whole muscle minced patty, delicately coated to enhance the simple flavours in the burger.

fish samosa

Fish Samosa

Authentically flame cooked over a charcoal fire. Blue Flame Seekh Kebabs are prepared with the greatest attention to flavour and hygiene.

Smoky sausages

Chicken Sausages Smoky

Chicken sausages tasting like they just came out of a charcoal tandoor! Wonderfully smoky and rustic.