If you ‘re looking  for a seafood snack , go no further. we present breaded fish fillet variation

,which is  made using Basa fish. this breaded fish fillet  is rich in flavour  and has a crispy top

layer for extra delectability.

                                                                                Nutrition Facts

Fat                                 3g

Carbohydrates              11g

Protein                          14g

Sodium                         420mg

                                                                             Cooking Instruction 

For the best result , deep fry frozen “Blue Flame Breaded Fish Fillet” in oil in medium heat (160 degree)  for 4 – 5   minutes  or until golden brown drain and serve hot.


Fish ( 50 %), garlic paste , salt , spices & condiments, lemon juice

Coatings – Egg, Refined flour, salt , spices & condiments