This is unique blend of chicken breast filet perfectly coated with breader mix. A perfect appetizer evening refreshment and party snack. You will not be able to resist yummy zing cool.

Crunchy chicken are the yummiest party snacks of all the time, and because of that we bought chicken zing hot to spice up your party with the world’s most favourite comfort food.

Our Chicken zing hot have right blend of chicken breast with breader mix, it crunchy from outside and tender from inside. The heavenly mixture of two things in one product will give you more pleasure to your stomach.

The Chicken Zing Hot recipe is unique and prepared without adding any artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or trans-fat.

You can enjoy them with mint, coriander or schezwan chutney and soft drink. A perfect combination to fulfil your taste bud craving.

                                       Nutrition Facts

                     Energy​ (Kcal) .              208.2

                     Protein (g)                     13.3

                      Fat (g)                            1.7

                     Sugar (g)                         0.7

                     Carbohydrate (g)          33.9

                     Sodium (mg)                508.7

Cooking Instruction   

Deep Fry Frozen “Blue Flame Chicken Zing Cool” in preheated hot oil on medium heat 180°C for 4 to 6 minute or until cooked. Drain & Serve hot.

Oven: Lightly Brush Frozen “Blue Flame Chicken Zing Cool” with little oil & place on a 220°C preheated oven for 12 to 16 minutes.


Halal Chicken Meat (786), Water (18%), Spice (2.5%), Salt (0.25%).
COATING: Battermix, Breader Mix, Starch, Refined Flour.