Mutton Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are undoubtedly  one of the best chinese  food dishes available  to us . our mutton

Spring Rolls  are stuffed  with  minced mutton  and cheese . which is wrapped  in the sheet  for

additional  crunch.  Our  spring rolls are downright  fantastic  when served  with your favorite

dipping  sauce .

                       Nutrition Facts 

Fat                                     7g

Sugar                                  1g

Protein                               12g

Carbohydrates                   30g

Sodium                              470mg


Pastry- Refined Wheat flour, water& salt. Filling- Halal Mutton Meat , corn starch,onion,garlic, green chilli, capsicum, vegetable oil, salt, cheese, soya sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, spices, & condiments.

                                                                                            Cooking Instruction

For best results, deep fry frozen ” Blue flame  Mutton spring roll ”  in oil  on medium heat(180 degree) for 4- 5  minutes or until golden  brown . Drain  and  serve  hot .